Free powerful video training & workbook to help you overreact less so you can enjoy parenting more.

Sound Familiar?

❃ You're tired of feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or frustrated as a parent.

❃ You're ready to stop repeating those same unhelpful patterns that you fear are screwing up your kids or your connection with them.

❃ You're tired of reading and memorizing parenting strategies that feel inauthentic or that you forget when you need them most.

    ❃ You know you're modeling behaviors that your kids will one day repeat with their kids... and when you overreact or go on parenting autopilot, that scares you a little.

    How would it feel to...

    ❃ Know the next best step you can take the next time your kiddo triggers you.

    Powerfully shift your unhelpful reactions into mindful actions.

    ❃ Feel more empowered because you have deeper insight into why you tend to react the way you do when you're triggered.

    ❃ Have powerful tools in your back pocket that will help you calm and connect much faster when you're overwhelmed, overworked or over it as a parent.

    Ready to begin transforming that parenting trigger?

    Who Am I?

    I'm someone who personally knows what it feels like to live in stable misery -- to live in that place where I have my stuff together in so many areas of life, but feel like I'm slipping and can't find happiness in the areas that matters most -- as a mom and in my marriage. 

    I'm also someone who's learned how to break free from stable misery and live from a deep sense of joy and harmony.

    I'm Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis, psychologist and family coach. With over 20 years of experience working with countless clients, I LOVE helping smart, successful women and their families break free from stable misery so they can create the joy and harmony they deeply crave.

    I'm someone who's found the path out of stable misery and knows that part of my soul's purpose is to help you live from that place of joyful harmony too! So nice to meet you :-)